Saturday, June 30, 2007


Crystal Palace Withholding $22,000 in WINNINGS!

I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder (NOT a gambling disorder) and as a result, I can spend hours upon hours doing the same activitiy - like online gambling!

My wife monitors my activities quite closely, and I when I signed up with crystal Palace (and played for over 12 hours) she told me to stop and cancel my account. So i sent them an email, dealt with live help, and they never closed it...kept accepting my deposits for three more days....i keep playing, and she sends them an email saying to please cancel/disable it or she would 'deal with our bank directly and contest all future charges.." still they do nothing.

Finally, I tell her to calm down,,,she can monitor my online use, and it won't be a problem...she agrees, and I now send Crystal Palace their faxback form, ID etc so that I can't chargeback,,,,,again I continue to play, and I hit TWO royal flushed (one for $4,000, the other for $20,000 in the same session!)

Now when I try to log back in the next day (with $22,718 still in my balance) I am locked out! Reason: Crystal Palace states my wifes "threatening emails" are reason enough to exclude me - and void my winnings AND all of my deposits!! Again, they acknowledged and received their fax back auth. forms!!! PLUS, I had previously wagered with them and their affiliates for five years - depositing over 20K all w/o incident!! Please let me know your thoughts - good and bad. I understand my wife did send some threatening emails, but the credit card I used is ONLY IN MY NAME so I'm not sure what vailidity that had. Thank you for your comments/suggestions.

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